Implementing ArcSDE cost effectively using PostgreSQL?

Implementing ArcSDE cost effectively using PostgreSQL?

I wish to implement an ArcSDE environment without breaking the bank. I would be wanting SQL databases.

If I use PostgreSQL what are the limitations and or the requirements to make it work?

We have 15 concurrent ArcGIS for Desktop Advanced licenses with up to 20 different users.

Postgres works fairly well as an ArcSDE GDB, but as the number of datasets increases, so does the connection time. This is not an issue with other enterprise databases.

For example, we have an Oracle SDE instance with 5000 datasets which takes about 5s to connect. We also have a postgres SDE instance containing the same data and it takes about a minute.

Esri are aware of the issue and are not prepared to fix it, so I would say only use postgres if you don't have many datasets.