Removing nodata value from raster images?

Removing nodata value from raster images?

I'm doing urban change prediction in Land Change Modeler (TerrSet software), and i can't run Transition Sub-Model.

I don't know why, but I think it is because I have nodata value in Variable (slope image, elevation image, distance to roads) and I don't know how I can remove these values.

I tried in ArcGIS (reclass, copy raster).

Nodata value is -3,402823e+038

There is a useful method usingConandIsNullstatements in the raster calculator to convert NoData to a different value.

HowTo: Convert NoData values to other values for raster data

@Aaron's answer might be the best solution for general raster files (thematic or continuous data). If you have a thematic raster you could also use the Reclassify tool (see below). In the example NoData will be replaced with 0.

Apply Abs tool with raster calculator