3.2: Bodega Bay - Geosciences

3.2: Bodega Bay - Geosciences

3.2: Bodega Bay

Laura Melroy: Data curation (lead) formal analysis (lead) investigation (equal) methodology (equal) software (lead) visualization (lead) writing – original draft (lead) writing – review and editing (equal). Cynthia Sarah Cohen: Conceptualization (lead) data curation (supporting) funding acquisition (lead) investigation (equal) project administration (lead) resources (lead) supervision (lead) writing – review and editing (equal).

Leptasterias spp. haplotype GenBank identification numbers can be found in Supplementary File 2. Leptasterias sample information, including IDs for museum samples, is found in Table 1. Table S2 shows all museum samples obtained, site of collection, and success of genotyping at each locus.

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