Aegean Islands Spatial Dataset

Aegean Islands Spatial Dataset

I need a .csv file about the coordinates of all the Islands in Aegean Sea. Do you have any idea how I can find them?

You should take the "nomoi ΟΚΧΕ" which is available on the internet (link).This is a shapefile that contains all the regions of Greece.Then you can import it in a GIS software and select the islands that you are after.Finally you export it in a shp format and you are done.

  1. Visit the above page
  2. Find Nomoi OKXE
  3. Press as Shapefile
  4. Happy mapping

You could use free and open OpenStreetMap data. They are licensed under Open Database License (ODbL).

Geofabrik provides a website where you can download the entire Greece-dataset as a shapefile. After downloading, open the shapefile in a GIS of your choice (e.g. qgis) and select all entries which lie within the OSM-relation of the Aegean Sea. After selecting all polygons export them as a csv.

Watch the video: Wonderful Chill Out Greek Islands360p H 264 AAC