Joining elatingconnecting 4 feature class together?

elatingconnecting 4 feature class together?

How can I join elateconnect communitiesUMPBuiltUPAdmin boundaries?

Could you please consider the following scenario:

  1. I have a feature class with a name “community “ which I consider it the main layer in may work, so I relate it to more than one table and it has many information about the community.

  2. Then I have three other feature classes each one is stored in a deferent file geodatabase ( built-up area, UMP urban master plan, and Administrative boundary).

Now how could I join elateconnect the three feature classes (built-up area, UMP, and Administrative boundary) to the (community) feature class so that when I identify the community point I can get the whole results from all feature class?

If i got you,you have common field among tables so better to use Join command and export the result to get a combined feature(composite). This will not add geometry to the composite but only features' attributes only.

N.B.If you are working with lot of data then take different approach, i mean you need to use RDBMS where you will link both table using Primary/Foreign Key.BTW there is a relationship feature class in geodatabase you can use it too.

Watch the video: ArcMap - Table join