A sum of rasters in ArcMap

A sum of rasters in ArcMap

I have daily SO2 data (the worldwide data) and after some processing I have to sum 30 rasters.

What the tool can you recommend to use for this goal within ArcMap tools?

I tried Raster calculator ("rast 1"+"rast 2"+… ), but it doesn't give me the raster with the sum of pixel values.

Also I tried Image analysis (Mosaic tool), but still no the result I need to obtain.

Furthermore the summarizing by Raster calculator causes the missing of some values in different parts of the map.

What you are looking for is the Cell Statistics tool. This can calculate the sum of a bunch of rasters. You can find it in the 'Spatial Analyst' - 'Local' toolbox. This tool can also work around NoData values in your dataset.

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