How to suppress advanced digitizing tool window

How to suppress advanced digitizing tool window

I'm using QGis for years but suddenly I stuck with something that I'm sure it's an easy fix. Every time I start to create a new feature, the Advanced Digitizing tool window pops up. Do you know how to suppress it?

When starting a new digitizing session, try dragging the Advanced Digitizing window and dropping it into one of the other toolbar panes or under layers window, you may have to double-click once you have it in the desired position.

If that fails, under "View" tab go to "Toolbars" and untick "Advanced Digitizing".

UPDATE: under "View" tab go to "Panels" and untick "Advanced Digitizing", hopefully this will work.

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DSM Tool is an accurate dropshipping software for businesses that allows them to pick dropshipping products from a variety of suppliers. It comes with a DSM Auto-Paste extension for chrome that helps users to explore 50+ dropshipping suppliers with a single click. This allows companies to keep their orders organised, with smart order tracking information status. Further, the software comes equipped with tools like Bulk Lister, Title optimisations suggestions, image and editor that help businesses to increase their sales. With DSM Tool, users can maintain a high seller ranking with quantity and price monitoring from dropshipping suppliers. It provides advanced edit options, smart filters and alerts that assist users to optimise their store easily. DSM Tool helps users to receive customers’ messages directly to their private DSM messages centre, from where they can’t miss them. It also provides an automatic messaging system that comes with customisable reply templates. more

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