File Validation using ArcPy?

File Validation using ArcPy?

I have a script which scans a directory and outputs basic raster data information such as the file name, format, number of bands, and etc. I need a way to make it so if the directory does not contain raster data (i.e., anything other than raster data), a message is displayed stating that the directory doesn't have the correct data type.

I know ArcPy has aDescribe()function that I could use to determine the type of data in a folder, but am not sure how to implement it. This is what I have so far:

rasterList = arcpy.ListRasters("*", "ALL") filesType = arcpy.DataType('RasterDataset') # Can use 'DatasetType' as well. # I've tested this function to describe # raster data and ArcPy prints out # 'RasterDataset', that is why I have it # there in the brackets. for name in rasterList: if rasterList == filesType: print ("
Filename:"), name else: print ("This directory does not contain any raster data.")

Any suggestions?

How about something simple like:

if len(rasterList) == 0: print ("This directory does not contain any raster data.") else: # Your raster processing code

Thelen()function calculates the length of the returned string/list, so if it returns0then you know nothing in the folder matched the criterion (in this case, being a raster). This way, if the folder contains any rasters (even if not every file is a raster) they will be processed.