How to create custom Locator Styles in ArcGIS 10

How to create custom Locator Styles in ArcGIS 10

Does anyone know if there is any public documentation on how to create these?

Take a look at this ESRI technical paper "Customizing ArcGIS 10 locators"

You can create your own composite address locators.

(Might be easier to modify an existing one to start with)

The maximum number of participating address locators in a composite locator is 30, but it is recommended not to use more than 10, otherwise geocoding may be significantly slower.

Commonly used address locator styles

Useful source:

9.3.1 but can be used with ArcGIS 10

"They can be used to create locators with ArcGIS 10. The locators can then be used for geocoding at ArcGIS 9.3x or 10."

Migration tips:

Migrating address locators created with ArcGIS prior to version 10

You also might want to look into the Geocoding Development Kit.

Even though this KB article was last updated June 2010, there is no mention of it being used with ArcGIS 10.0.

Watch the video: ArcGIS - Symbology - Change the size and symbol for all categories using unique values